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        Just like all the other skiing resorts in Colorado, Breckenridge comes alive during winter nights. At this time of the year, skiers from all over the world just can’t seem to run out of energy even at the end of an exciting day at the slopes. For those who are like the Energizer Bunny, here are some things you can do on your first night here.

Dining in a restaurant...

with a nice cool live performance in the background is one way to arouse your taste buds. Of course,
does not mean that the food here would require tickling your palates, on the contrary, the fare in these resorts are no less than gourmet quality. This is just one way of enhancing an already superb dining experience. After a sumptuous dinner, you may want to invite your family for some delectable desserts. Some cozy cafes offer sweet creations that your kids and wife can indulge themselves with while you sip a cup of steaming aromatic coffee.

If you’re one of those who would like to be a little bit more active while keeping the little ones entertained as well, then you better head on to one of the sportsbars in town. Some of them have arcades for the kids and fantastic billiard tables as well as a wide selection of premium quality beer for you. For groups looking for a more exciting evening, downtown has clubs kept alive by electrifying live bands and stimulating DJ’s. You can either dance the night away or simply listen to the music while enjoying a glass of martini. The performances as well as the selection of tunes in these establishments are simply exhilarating.

A more relaxing way...

to spend the night with your partner would be in the theatres. There are two kinds here in this resort town. One offers live performances such as plays while the other shows a good selection of movies. Because there aren’t too many of these establishments here in Breck, it would be wise to make early reservations as the seats are easily filled up.

When you’re in a place like Breckenridge, you definitely wouldn’t want to hit the sack early. There are just too many great things to do in town to complement the fun you had in the mountains. If you’ve got limited time, try not to consume your energy on the slopes. The evening activities is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Planning a Ski Trip?


Breckenridge Fun!

  All set to draw out your plans for that long awaited skiing trip but still haven’t figured out where you want to go? Should it be Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, or any one from a host of other resorts out in the rocky mountains of Colorado? Well, first of all, you don’t want to go to just any resort. You’d probably want to settle only for THE resort. In that case, that would be Breck. Stick around as I give you the facts then see if there’s anything more you’d long for in a winter vacation.

Fast facts: A base elevation of 9,600 ft, summit elevation of 12,998 ft, vertical rise of 3,398 ft, annual snowfall of 300 inches, total skiable area of 2,358 acres, 155 trails, 29 lifts, and four huge peaks. Doesn’t mean anything to you? Well, all that translated to 1.65 million visitors in 2006-2007 alone.

Why did they come? How about winter temperatures of 28°F during daytime and 15°F during night; 76 restaurants and bars; 203 shops and boutiques; 5 liquor stores; 5 grocery and convenience stores; 249 historical structures; 501 hotels, inns, and bed & breakfasts; and 2,583 condo units. Does it make sense now? It’s hard to imagine why a small town with only 3,535 residents would need all those business establishments. The answer to that is pretty simple – to serve valued clients like you.

Let’s cap the facts: 5 dentists, 5 medical clinics, 1 pharmacy, 1 public golf course, 3 public skating rinks, 14 tennis courts, 18 museums and art galleries, 1 library, 2 fitness facilities, 3 ball fields, 2 soccer fields, and 13 public parking lots. Imagine all that and it wouldn’t be too difficult to see why you should be one of those 1 million+ visitors this year.

Essential skiing info:

Here a brief description of the area geography. The resort is actually divided into four main peaks: 7, 8, 9, and 10. If you’re a beginner, it would be best to go skiing in the lower portions of peak 9 and 8 since this is where you’d normally find the green trails. Most of the blue trails are on peaks 9 and 7 with a few in 8. Peak 10, where practically all trails are black, is reserved for the experts.

Experts can also try their mettle on the upper slopes of 7, near the summit. In fact, the trails here are not just ordinary blacks but double black diamonds. The peaks are all accessible via the various lifts. There’s also one gondola, named the BreckConnect, but it can only take you as high as the base area of peak 7 and 8. Once you’re on the base area of peak 8, you can take any one of 4 lifts to reach different altitudes on this particular peak.

A blast from the golden past: The folks in this ski town seem to have struck a gold mine due to skiing and it looks like someone up there might have been keeping a constant eye on them. A century and a half ago, their ancestors also struck gold – literally.

The town used to play a major role in the mining industry starting in 1859 and ending only in the early part of the 1900’s. Today, remnants of that first golden era can still be spotted around Breckenridge. They’ve been turned into tourist attractions, so you might want to drop by for a nugget while you’re there. Because Breckenridge is one of the top skiing destinations in the world, you can only expect the most classy hotels, condos, and restaurants. More reason to make your next vacation here.