Breckenridge Village

All you need to know about the Village at Breckenridge

When you go on a vacation, you would want to make sure that you will be going to a place wherein you will definitely get your money’s worth. If you do plan to go to Colorado, one of the places you can stay at will be the Village at Breckenridge. The Village here is a ski resort that boasts of great scenery and superb accommodations.

This ski resort is situated in an area…

where visitors have a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains. Apart from this, Breckenridge is a town that boasts of much history. It was one of the towns that boasted of abundant gold mines during the Gold Rush. Because of this, it has been vastly populated ever since.

One of the great things about this town is the uncanny ability of the residents to preserve the natural old charm of the place. Tourists staying at this ski resort can walk to Main Street, arguably the business center of town. Main Street has a lot of restaurants and shops where one can pick up a couple of souvenirs to bring back home. Furthermore Main Street hosts a lot of events and activities that are unique to this particular town. So by staying at the Village, you will have the best of both worlds. You can get a date with history while enjoying the thrill and sight of the slopes.

If you do choose to stay at the Village

you would have to choose among 200 rooms. They have a room for every kind of budget so do not fret.
The ski resort can find a room for you. As for the rooms, the ski resort offers suites that are bathed in different and distinct designs. Each condominium suite is owned by a different individual; hence the rooms carry with them a distinct flavor. So you can be sure that each visit would bring about a different air and experience.

Like any ski resort or hotel, they also offer tempting packages. You can avail of their different packages depending on what your needs would be. If you need a venue for a business meeting, you can hold them here.

One of the best amenities of the place is the on-site golf course within the grounds of the resort where you can relax with your business associates right after the meeting. If you need a place for your wedding reception, this is the perfect place. Not only do they have the space for all your guests, but this is also the most romantic spot you can find. Holding the hand of your significant someone and looking at the beautiful mountains could not be more perfect.

So book now and rest assured that every penny spent will be worth it.

Additional Articles of Interest

    For those who would want to see the place for themselves, you can visit the Village as well. The Village is about half a block in Breckenridge Village away from Main Street. Bordering The Village would be the Peak 9 Base area of the Breckinridge Ski Resort, the National Forest and Maggie Pond.

Breckenridge Village